Gaiadance Energetics

Transformation ~ Healing ~ Growth
Sacred Soul, Sacred Earth

Seeing & Supporting Soul

Morag Leiper  ~  Anam Cara - Friend of the Soul, Natural Intuitive, Antaneea Technique Practioner and Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Permaculture Practioner & more...


This website serves as a gateway into some of the services I offer, and as a resource venue for tools to support your journey. 


Currently taking a sabatical from hands-on work &the workshop and course environment, I am only taking clients for distance work via Skype.  Intuitive reading of energy fields, Diamond Light Grid Alignments & Soul Awareness work- for more information, please do contact me.

What does it look like to live from your highest and greatest potential, every day?  To radiate health and well-being, and to live from a deep sense of joy and connection to everything within and around you?

What would this feel like, look like, tase and smell like - and what would the effect of this be on the world around us?  How would this affect our long term and indefinate futures on this planet?

This is the focus of my work, through a wide variety of tools.  Within each individual I see the unique beauty of that soul's being shining through. Higher Concsiousness. Soul.  Whatever it is you choose to call this. My work is to support this, uncover it, empower this, and to call it forward.

Growth. Transformation. Change.  SOUL. Earth care. Practical.  Sustainable. Planting. Seeds.  JOY. Light. Permaculture. BLISS. Laughter. Massage. Reiki. Trees. Water. Diamond Light. Crystals. Colour.  Antaneea Technique. International. Local